Extreme Pro Wrestling now in HD featuring matches previously edited out for broadcast available NOW for EXCLUSIVE audiences in Season 5. BulletClub bad boys the Young Bucks battle eachother--brother vs. brother-- in the MMA cage while Slater rumbles his frat rival at the beach. Pumped Greek statues Brian Cage & Ryan Taylor take a Championship Title shot at ripped young street fighter Tyler Austin--tearing the building up to an shocking showdown in the cage! Beautiful Ladies' Champ TACY battles foxy Miss Latin America, Princess Miriam in a gangland match with some of the best punches thrown when the action goes into the crowd with the Dreamkillers (Dream X) looking on. Scab rocks All-Star Swim & Water Polo champ Dirk Brody in a No Holds Barred cage match almost as wild as Eddie Randle vs. indie pro champ Johnny Yuma that keeps the OC Wrestling spectacle a favorite for E.C.W., G.L.O.W. and Attitude-Era fans with a freakshow backyard twist including a Wildcard Title Match at the pool. Brawling Surf jock Seth Scorpio may look like an Abercrombie ad, but his showdown vs. instagram model water polo champ LadyKiller Jesse will bring the carnage on Season 5. War rages on as handsome roughneck Jack Daniel battles his varsity teammate Lucky Chucky where any & every tactic is employed. Ryan Kidd faces Tyler Austin and Eddie Randle in a brutal ladder match then squared off with Kid Carrumba to determine who's the thoughest youngster in wrestling. Violence escalates with Scab in a 4-corner battle with MMA Middleweight (10-0) Court "the Cali Beast", Eli Everfly (who has defeated literally every top indie TV wrestler), and the thrilling Biagio as dudes get slammed into cars, get cut open and what other wrestling show features an attack by Zombella as the ultimate (and sexy) foreign object!

Plus OC Wrestling favorites appear to stir it up: Soldiers of Fortune; the Brody Bros with their bombshell manager Miss Eden; Towner; Steven Andrews; the Cutlers in a bareknuckles basement brawl; CK Jackson; the Killer Baes;EyeCandy Elite Elliot and StevieFierce ; a major bonus from & BRYLER and MORE

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5 AVI and 1 MOV
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