Midnight Freakshow MAIN EVENT SUPREME is your ticket to the greatest Underground Classics.

Be the First to laugh and scream at "Dream X" ; the FORBIDDEN OCWrestling Season 4 ; plusInternational thriller "Insurrection of the Living Dead" & MORE

Discover why Midnight Freakshow stars are selling out in Japan and garnering millions in Instgram followers!

Midnight Freakshow buries American Horror Story with its wild anthology Insurrection of the Living Dead. In 1984 in Army of the undead are driven to Feast on the flesh of a Spring Breakers riding the desert surrounding Area 51. Will the Insurrection of the Living Dead leave any survivors to tell the story? Rampage in this campus vs. coffin classic!

Featuring the most requested re-release in Pro Wrestling featuring the Brodys vs the Young Bucks NO HOLDS BARRED at the pool. This is the one where the OC Wrestlers battle in at the Rialto Theatre in matches you can't see anywhere else***with new bonus material. While Season 4 SOLD OUT on Amazon.com the 5-star Reviews keep speaks for itself:

"As always we are treated to the eye candy of the hot jock-boy wrestlers who are all kick-ass performers; the venues are varied, and the action is hot and unbelievably enjoyable. There is no promotion that is as fun as OCW and no one else delivers such sexy studs and starlets.

This season includes some of the most lauded matches in OCW history: Dirk Brody vs. Dustin Cutler in a steel cage; Ryan Kidd vs. The Young Bucks; and Tyler Austin vs. Dylan Brody. OCW cage match of indy sensation, Ryan Kidd, one of the youngest and hottest wrestling stars around fighting model Austin and Seth

Definitely a best buy for any fans of pro-wrestling, especially as an alternative to out-of-touch behemoths like WWE and TNA".

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